Finding solutions to problems has always been a lifelong passion of mine, so I strove to pursue this passion in a way that allowed me to enjoy life by doing what I love: starting my own innovative solutions-based business. I have always wanted to start my own company, and each job I held during my journey— including a Project Engineer position for a $130 M contract— was strategically chosen to help me attain that goal.

I learned software development, systems engineering, solutions architecture, and engineering management by solving enterprise problems through career and academic work. As a result, I launched SID in an industry that I knew inside and out – Solution Architecture & Root Cause Analysis.

At SID, I apply my lifelong passion for finding cutting-edge innovative solutions to solve our client’s most demanding technical problems. As a result, I have received many awards for my outstanding and extraordinary efforts, creative thinking, and professionalism— including the Lockheed Martin Vision Award and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI).

However, finding the best solution to any problem is only a part of our key to success. Having the right team to execute our solutions is crucial to bringing our partners the results they come to us for. I pride myself as a results-driven manager, coach, and mentor to our engineers in developing & implementing enterprise-wide solutions. At SID, we foster trust and maintain relationships with our employees, clients, and partners through active communication and collaboration. I believe it is essential to be transparent and easily accessible to clients and solution partners for ultimate assurance of the quality of our services for their success.

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Ajay Agrawal, CEO/CTO