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How SID can help you.

SID provides successful business consulting, systems development and integration, and process improvement solutions for government and commercial clients, delivered by experienced professionals.

SID combines industry best practices, emerging technologies, functional expertise, and clearly defined methodologies to assist our clients with software engineering and development, information assurance and security planning, network engineering and management, help desk and end-user technical support, systems engineering and technical assistance, science and engineering support services, telecommunications, data warehousing and database administration, and knowledge management.

Systems Modernization

SID employs an agile transformation approach to establish the right process to set a project on the right track to an efficient, cost-effective solution.

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Enterprise Software Solutions

SID delivers sustainable software solutions, ones that recognize the resources of budget, time, and personnel.

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Infrastructure Support

SID integrates requirements for infrastructure and application development to assure an effective platform solution.

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Applied Sciences

SID builds and supports mission-critical, lines of business systems supporting the diverse sciences of weather, geography, environment, and economics.

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Data Management

SID provides for all aspects of database management – design, monitoring, controlled access, security, and maintenance.

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Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

Grid modernization and “the internet of things” are creating a paradigm change in Data Analytics. When the use of Federated databases was the norm, master data management and data governance played a much smaller role in analytics.

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Our recent projects

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